Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hello again!

Drumroll please... we interrupt this silence for a blog post!

I know, it's been a while, but I'm still here. So much stuff has happened in the last few weeks, I feel like my head is still spinning. Our trip back was horrible. That's the only way to put it. Just imagine a one year old who does not want to sleep because the screen above his head is too mesmerizing and a three year old who is travel sick. And puking the whole 11 hours. Enough said, no?

As bad as the trip was, I did find some inspiration for a quilt...
But we made it, we finally moved into our new place a week ago. It feels so good to have our own place again. But you might wonder, didn't we leave San Diego on July 4th? So were have we been? First, we stayed with my parents for a week. Then we went to my in-law's vacation home. Okay, it really is more of a cottage (only 350 square feet big!). It's in the Eastern part of Germany, a region called the "Saxonian Switzerland". Great for hiking, rock climbing, mushroom hunting, ...

Palm trees are nice, but I did miss this scenery, too!
Then back to my parents after two weeks to get ready to move. We had stored all our stuff in their attic while we lived in the States. And when we moved it in four years ago, we were both working full time and did not have much time to pack up. So we never sorted anything out. What were we thinking?! It took my husband about a week to go through all those boxes (thanks for doing that, honey!).

And now we live in this beautiful little tow called Tuebingen. It's very old, has lots of charm with its cobblestone alleys and streets and the river flowing through. The surrounding area looks like this:

We are unpacked by now, although we are still missing some furniture. We bought a new sofa and they delivered it without the slipcover, duh! And the four of us are eating 27 inch square table because the real dining table hasn't arrived yet. And I did not hang a single picture yet. But this place is huge (four bedrooms!), so guess what? For the first time ever, I get to have my very own sewing studio. It's still a work in progress up there, but I hope to post some photos soon. So stay tuned. Oh, and I did some sewing, but only boring curtains...

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  1. Great to have you back! Looking forward to hearing/ viewing more :).