Monday, June 6, 2011

Two weeks

It's been almost two weeks in which I

-  have posted nothing on this blog
-  have touched my sewing machine one single time
- have produced only three blocks for my modern crosses quilt
- have used what feels like a trillion tissues to blow my nose
- have done nothing else in the evening than lay on the couch and watch movies (thank you, Netflix!)
- have shown up at a birthday party and a baby shower last Saturday without a handmade gift

In other words: colds suck! In this family, I am normally the one who stays healthy. My children get colds, my husband does, but not me. Well, but this time it was me and it was not pretty. But I am finally on the mend (hey, I managed to go to a birthday party and a baby shower on the same day!), and I can't wait to get back to my machine.

But there is a new quilt in this house! Hooray! We had the nicest surprise in our mailbox today:

My dear friend Alison send this quilt for Jakob, my older son. When I opened the box, he was enjoying this daily tv time, so he was not really interested in it when I showed it to him. But a bit later, I came into his room and he was sitting right in the middle of it, all his stuffed animals around him. Oh, and it had to go to bed with him tonight. Now that's what I call instant love! Thank you so much, Alison!

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