Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Travel ready

Even though we are nowhere near travel ready, at least one thing now is: my computer.

When we found out that my husband got this job in Germany, we sold our computer because we knew we would not take any furniture. Four years ago, we came to San Diego with two suitcases and have lived in the IKEA showroom ever since. And other stuff is far more important to take and ship to Germany anyway (the Legos, the wooden railroad tracks, the books and stuffed animals...). Since I can't exist without a computer - it's my newspaper, television, telephone and radio all in one - my husband got me this nice Macbook. When we bought it, he also wanted to get such a protection sleeve for it, but I confidently announced that I would make one myself. But then somehow other stuff was always more important until my husband gave me an ultimatum last week: get started or use a store bought one! So of course it was a question of honor now.

I had this IKEA fabric that is a bit more heavy weight, which I used for the outsides. Inside, I also used some home decor fabric. I did not use any pattern, I kind of made it up on the go. First, I took two pieced, put some leftover quilt batting in between and quilted it with straight lines. Then I ironed on some heavy weight interfacing on the grey fabric. I think that was a mistake because it got quite stiff and that made sewing a bit difficult. Once I had my inner and outer laptop sleeve, then fun part began! I wanted to make it extra fancy with a zipper. What was I thinking?  Let me tell you, it took me three nights to get that thing sewn in. The result is nowhere near perfect, but it's all mine, and I like it!

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