Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Totally awesome!

Quilting friends are the best.friends.ever! I got mail from my quilting pal Kelley today. And when I opened the envelope, I couldn't help it, I had tears in my eyes. She send me this:

I don't know if anyone noticed that my Modern Crosses baby quilt is missing a cross with the blue and green dots from the DS quilt fabric line. That's because I never got it. I went to two Joann's in my area, but they both did not have it. One never got it, the other one was sold out. At the May sew in of the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild however, I met Kelley. This was the first and only time I've ever met her. She was working on a beautiful baby quilt with wonky stars and had used the dot fabric. She told me that the Joann's close to her had some, and so I asked her if she would kindly pick some up for me the next time she is there. What can I say, she got it the very next day. We were supposed to see each other next Sunday at the June sew in, but I am not sure I can make it (packing and stuff!). So Kelley just send the fabric by mail. And look what else she put in there! Mushrooms! Those super, super cute Heather Ross gnomes! Orange, one of my all time favorite color! What can I say to this? Girl, you are awesome, and you just made my day!

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  1. so happy you loved it! it was fun to pull scraps and know you will make some amazing things with the dots! can't wait to see!!! :)