Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The most obnoxious pillow?

I am trying to wrap up all my sewing stuff and get everything done before my machine will go to its new owner at the end of the week. Some time ago (okay, a loooong time ago), my friend Christina had commissioned me with two pillows. Her older son Jake wanted to have a doggie pillow. So she took him to the fabric store and he picked out his fabric. When she gave it to me, I could not believe my eyes. I mean, who buys that stuff besides a four year old? I think Christina is not so fond of it, either, I believe her exact words were: "He picked out the most obnoxious fabric in the whole store!". But never mind, yesterday I finally got to work and made little Jake a new pillow:

I tried to make it a bit less "doggies hit you in the face" with a big red J. Don't know if I succeeded though...
I made a second one for little brother Gavin.

Sweet dreams, boys!

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  1. Kerstin- this blog is great!! Every night I'll think of you when I tuck Jake into bed....in hopes that he will be over doggies soon and I can tuck your hard work away! ha ha. Thx for sewing them. The bears are super cute and Jake is going to Love the "J". xo