Friday, June 17, 2011

Crossed off the list

Another project crossed off the to do list before the move! I finished the Modern Crosses baby quilt! Only two weeks late for the baby shower, but the mommy to be is still pregnant.
This was such a fun pattern to make. And it actually comes together really quickly with chain piecing. I used my DS Quilts fabrics, paired with some Kona Cotton. Unfortunately, I don't remember all the colors I used, but there's some Kona peacock, some aqua, ivory and green grass in it.

For the binding, I used some fabric from my stash. Do you know those fabric quarters they sell at Joann's? Well, they are placed on the right height to grab for a toddler in the shopping cart. My three year old is crazy about them. So every time we go there, he wants to pick some out. I guess he had a lucky hand the last time...

For the back, I pieced a strip with all the fabrics from the front together and paired it with more Kona green grass (or is it grass green? I can never remember). Oh, and I also added the initial for the baby's name. My friend was very sure they'll go with Christopher, so I added the C. I hope they don't change their mind in the last minute...

I'm very happy with the end result, I hope mommy and baby will like it, too!

Now I have to go back to packing. I put all my fabric in a box yesterday and just for the fun of it, put it on the scale. Around 40 pounds...


  1. Love how this turned out. Sorry to hear that we won't see you today though.

  2. oh kerstin, its beautiful! i love it- and the backing is gorgeous as well!

  3. it's gorgeous! I just love it and I'm so happy you liked the pattern :)