Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back on track

I am officially back on track with my "at least 12 quilts this year" personal challenge. The April quilt is finished! I stayed up until 1 am last night, but I was so close to finishing that I just had to do it. And I think it was worth it:

I have to say, piecing this postage stamps quilt top was a lot of fun. I guess I would not want to do it with a larger sized quilt like a queen or king size, but for this lap quilt it was fun.

I do love the combination of the aqua and orange tones and the brown, but I have to admit that I am a bit tired of this fabric. I made a quilt out of it for my mother's birthday last year, and I had a lot left over. So I started this quilt and also the handpieced hexagons. And now I need a little break from it.

 I quilted it in a sort of triangle with orange thread. I went from two corners on the same side to the middle on the opposite edge and then I oriented myself on this big triangle. I guess free motion quilting would have been nice, too. Only problem is, I haven't quite mastered this art yet.
I will send it off to Germany today, it's a surprise for my husband's grandmother. Hopefully, it will be a nice surprise!


  1. I love this project. I used similar fabrics to make a table runner. The blue/orange/brown combo is one I'd probably be reluctant to try without a push (or a pre-packed bundle) but the final product looks fresh and crisp. I'm impressed with your 12 quilts in a year challenge.

  2. its beautiful! yep, definitely worth it. you are a patient woman with all those postage stamps... ;)

  3. Great choice on the quilting design too. It will be a wonderful surprise!