Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Open letter

Dear Joann,

yes, you with all those stores. I just don't get you. You have the godmother of all quilting fabric design a beautiful line for you. And yet, you don't feel the need to really make that known. Okay, you probably knew that word would spread about this quickly in the quilting community. But then you also don't feel the need to put that fabric in you online store. Because you knew it would fly off the shelves in the store. So I get it. But what I really, really don't get is this: why did you only deliver so few of the prints to my local store? Oh, wait a minute, you probably want me to come back over and over again to check every week whether the other prints have finally arrived, right? So please expect me to visit you often in the next few weeks...

Your sincerely,
Frustrated at sunset

PS: In the meantime, I decided to just work with what I got and paired the five prints I was able to snag up with some Kona cotton. But I will try to get my hands on some of the greenish prints


  1. haha my Jo-Anns didn't get ANY! they had no idea what i was even talking about. i'll keep checking :o)

  2. Don't feel bad; I don't have a Joannes....lol...