Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lucky find

Sometimes, I go to the fabric store with the intention of buying fabric for a dress, a shirt...  Most of the time, I then come home empty-handed, because I had this special picture in my head how I want it to look and then I never find such a fabric. On the other hand, when I just go to buy a zipper, thread or other 'boring' stuff, I stumble across fabric I really, really like. Like this blue and white shirting. It caught my eye and I just had to buy it.

And this is what I made out of it:

A new tunic for myself. The pattern is based on the summer blouse pattern in the book Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I say based because I did quite a lot of alterations to it. I have made a few of those tunics now, and over the course of sewing I changed it to fit me better. For example, I added a few inches in length, I made it a bit tighter on the sides (the original pattern is much looser and I looked a bit pregnant in it), I lowered the neckline and shortened the sleeves. Oh, and I added slits on the sides...

But my favorite detail clearly is the velvet ribbon around the hem and the sleeves. I guess you could say I have a thing for velvet ribbon, I add it wherever possible.


  1. Cute. I always wanted a pink linen one like this.

  2. Such a lovely tunic, I brought some shirting recently but haven't got the confidence yet to make clothing! Seeing as you've changed the tunic from the original design, you could write it out and it could now be your own pattern for others to follow!