Saturday, February 5, 2011

Too tired!

My husband is on a business trip in Europe right now. Three long weeks. Two have already gone by. I had such big plans for those three weeks. I wanted to sew every night and finish a quilt, make a dress and a shirt for myself, sew for the boys... . Instead, I land on the sofa almost every night and just watch TV. See, the thing is, taking care of a toddler and a baby 24/7 is hard work. It's fun, but I am just done at the end of the day. But I did manage to make some new pants for J. The pattern is from Anna Maria Horner's book Handmade Beginnings. I think this is one of my favorite sewing books, I already tried a few projects and they all turned out great. The biggest size for these pants is 24 month, but they are rather baggy. So I just added a few inches in length and they fit J great (he'll be three this month).

The fabric with the cars, planes etc. is from Joann's, he picked it out himself. The denim was a remnant at a local fabric store and was about five bucks for almost a yard. Not bad, no?!

I did make one adjustment to the pattern, instead of a normal elastic waist I did an adjustable waist.

There's still enough fabric left, so if I can keep my eyes open long enough, baby M will get some, too!


  1. fabulous pants -- they're on my to-do list for my new baby as well... hopefully I'll get to them soon!

  2. what a great idea for the waist! i'm a quilter and only have just started sewing baby garments - i've made a ton of these pants for my 2 yr old son. do you mind sharing how you did the adjustable waist?