Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday Owls

My niece Ella will be one year old this month. So I made her a little birthday present:

Owls! Polka dots! Paisley! This jacket basically combines everything a little girl needs. But actually, it did not turn out the way it was intended to. Don't get me wrong, I love the way it turned out. But it was supposed to have a zipper. I must have been totally elsewhere with my thoughts when I bought the zipper, because when I wanted to insert it, I found out it was way too long. Does such stuff happen to you, too, while in the middle of a project?
The pattern is the Baby in the hood jacket from Handmade Beginnings, and in the book it's made with buttons anyway, so I just stuck with that. But now that it's finished, I think I actually like it better with buttons.

I used velvet ribbon for the loops
This pattern is seriously addictive. This is now the ninth jacket I made. For this one, I used corduroy for the outer jacket (from Joann's), and the lining is a nice flannel from Robert Kauffmann.

Since my niece lives in Switzerland, I had to book a model for the action shoots:

Thanks for modeling, Amelia!

 Amelia must have liked it, since she refused to take it off and instead took off herself...

Hope Ella will like it, too!

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